Praise and Prayer – Veteran’s Day

English: A folded American flag held by a Unit...
English: A folded American flag held by a United States Marine at the funeral of Douglas A. Zembiec. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Father, today we take a moment to remember all those who have answered the call to serve our nation in the armed services. We know the difficulty of a life in the military: the time away from loved ones, the hardship of being in a foreign land, the pain of losing friends as close as family in war, the suffering of being wounded, and the fear of what will come. We know these men and women face the need to take life sometimes to defend the lives and liberty of those they love. We know the terrible hurt that simple truth causes in their hearts. Most importantly of all Father, we know You will watch over them. We ask tonight that You pour out Your strength and courage on all those who serve, let the Spirit surround and protect them. Lift their eyes to You Father and help them remember that You are their ever-present comforter and provider. Cover their families with Your love and Your peace while they await the return of those they love. And Father, remind us, the citizens of this nation You have blessed with so many willing to lay down their lives for their friends should they be called to do so, that we are indeed blessed and should forever be humbly grateful for their efforts on our behalf.

Lastly tonight Father I would ask Your Spirit to move in the hearts and minds of our leaders and in the hearts and minds of our enemies. Hold them back from wasting the lives of these men and women for capricious or expedient reasons. Help them be mindful of the dearness of life, the graveness of war, and let our enemies and our leaders be filled with Your purpose and desire to bring peace between all people on the earth. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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