Statement of Faith and Purpose

Statement of Faith

We believe in the Triune God, the One and Only Living God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the authority of Scripture for the world in general and the life of believers in particular. We hold to the Apostle’s Creed and the Nicene Creeds.

In addition to the ancient creeds, we believe Scripture proclaims that when we accept Jesus the Christ as our Lord and Savior, He baptizes us in the Holy Spirit, who dwells in us as guide, strength, and power to do what our Lord commands us to do. We believe that the Holy Spirit gives gifts to all believers as He desires to equip us for the work He prepared ahead for us.

His commands consist of three primary parts for our life and focus as believers: to love God with all that we are(1), to love our neighbors as ourselves(2), and to be faithful witnesses of the Gospel(3) to a world lost in darkness.

We believe that with man these commands are impossible,  but we proclaim with the assurance of our beloved Christ, with God all things are possible.


It is our prayer that the Lord will use this space to allow us to live out our faith as authentic witnesses to the glory of God as revealed to us in Scripture, in our lives, and in the world at large. We pray He will make us faithful witnesses who lift Him up so that others will be drawn to Christ and His kingdom will grow as we await the return of the Lord.

We hope that what you read here will bless you and strengthen your faith. We invite you to pray and share as the Lord leads you for the growth of the kingdom of God.


(1) Matt. 22:37-38

(2) Matt. 22:39

(3) Acts 1:8