Month: December 2013

Essential Living – Theives in the Modern Age

By: Tera Ertz It’s that time of year again where temperatures drop and noses run. As I was pining for the warm cinnamon scent of some Thieves Oil this morning, I was reminded of some interesting research I did for a world history class a few years ago. Benefits of Calamity: The effects of the […]


Praise and Prayer – 12/10/2013

Father, we thank You for Your grace and mercy tonight. We often find ourselves struggling in the world today. There are those who seek to do us harm. There are those who simply are lost and cling to us, drawn to Your love but not comprehending. There are things in our own lives Father that […]


Praise and Prayer – 12/3

Father tonight we lift our thanks to You for all the men and women who choose to serve this nation You have granted us. We thank you for their selfless service, for their willingness to stand and their willingness to forgo the comfort of home and family. We thank you too for those families, the […]


God Talk 2 – The Christmas Wish

It has been a while since God has called me to speak openly of the trials in life here. More precisely, it has been a while since I have listened to His call. It’s not that I have not been writing, I have. It is instead that I forgot the lesson learned in the beginning […]