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On Drowning sermon

Romans 1:18-32; 2:1-4

With the goodness of God and the Gospel of Jesus as the beginning, the list of sins Paul shares in Romans reads in a different light. Not laundry list for us to vindicate our thoughts on “them” nor a screed against sinners, it is instead a moment to make the faithful weep with compassion over the plight of humanity, lost without Christ, drowning in the despair of wickedness run rampant without the grace of God. Who will save me? … God’s kindness leads to repentance.

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Nefarious Trailer

(This is worth watching if you are a Christian looking to understand spiritual warfare, or if you are a non-believer looking for a really well done psychological horror movie)

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PS – I had a song line in my head that kept rolling with the On Identity episode. I couldn’t remember it. It had a line about the devil saying “Who do you think you are?” I ran across it today. Shoulda known it would be Casting Crowns.

PSS – One more. God brought this one to me this week, and it seems to fit here. If you want the rest of His message that came with it, you can visit the Facebook Post here.


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