Month: January 2019

Dangerous Faith in a Safe Space World | God Talk: Nazareth

We had a great sermon this past Sunday. I never had the pleasure of listening to Pastor Raf, as he is affectionately called, preach, and it was surely a blessing. Yet, and a part of me trembles to utter that word, there was a piece in the beginning of his sermon that sent waves of […]

Seeing God

Facebook is a Wonder – Spit Take | God Talk: Nazareth

I must be brief tonight, as I need to get up early for church tomorrow, and brevity has never been my strong suit. But, as I begin this new year, with hopefully some new tuning in to God, the next message that surfaced in my mind was go back to the beginning. And today, of […]


Ear Training | God Talk: Nazareth

I’ve loved music since I was a kid. I always had an ear for melody. My Dad gave me my first instrument, a guitar, when I was five years old. I still have that guitar, newly stringed, though I never did learn to play it. When I was about eight years old, as I may […]

Seeing God