Praise and Prayer – 12/10/2013


Father, we thank You for Your grace and mercy tonight. We often find ourselves struggling in the world today. There are those who seek to do us harm. There are those who simply are lost and cling to us, drawn to Your love but not comprehending. There are things in our own lives Father that make us feel weak, small, inadequate and overwhelmed. Yet, through the mercy of Your love and the grace of Jesus Christ, we stand, sometimes bent, but unbroken and unbreakable, because You have granted us His strength to do Your will in the world He came to save. Thank you Father, for the Spirit in our lives, and the joy of the opportunity to do Your will and reach out to this world You have given us.

We ask tonight Father that You make our hearts humble. That you help us to point those You place in our sphere of influence back to You, not simply by our words but by the example of Your working in our lives. Let us be an example of Your grace. Let our hands hold out Your mercy. Let our hearts pour out Your love. Let the words of our mouths be the healing balm of the hope we hold in You. Help us to be courageous living sacrifices to save a dying world. We ask in the name of Your Son, who taught us to pray humbly for Your will, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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