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Mountains and Valleys

Mountain behind the Valley of Dry Bones of Ezekiel

Over the years I have noticed Christian music has trends in themes. A few years ago everyone was doing variations of Amazing Grace and using the word atmosphere. A little after that it was variants of It is Well and talking to our souls. In recent days the theme I’ve noticed is mountains and valleys. […]

Seeing God

Daddy Issues | God Talk: Nazareth

I’ve struggled with some things since I arrived here in Virginia back in March. As God called me out, repeatedly, to start writing consistently again here in this space, I fought with Him about what to write. I wrestled, and I struggled. This is so much harder than the first time. Then it was just […]

General Parenting & Family

Being Holy

I was scrolling Facebook on my phone the other day (which explains why I missed the context of the comment that caught my eye), and I ran across a statement that made me cringe. When I went back to read it in context, I have to say that the person who made the comment, in […]


Praise and Prayer 8/17

Father, we thank you for the allowing us to live in a place where we can come to Your house and worship. As we sleep tonight and rise tomorrow, let Your Spirit move among us, opening our ears to hear Your message for us. Let our hearts be filled with Your presence and let us […]