Praise and Prayer 8/17

Father, we thank you for the allowing us to live in a place where we can come to Your house and worship. As we sleep tonight and rise tomorrow, let Your Spirit move among us, opening our ears to hear Your message for us. Let our hearts be filled with Your presence and let us reach out to one another in Your name, seeking to heal the broken, to help the suffering and to share Your joy. Come sing with us Father, come speak to us.

We repent tonight Father of all the hurts we have caused You and others. We repent of our sins of commission and omission. Please let the Spirit lead us away from the temptations of this world and closer to You. Forgive us Father, and thank you for the assurance of that forgiveness in the grace of Your Son Jesus Christ.

We ask Your protection on those who are serving You around the world Father. Keep them safe, guard their hearts, bring them comfort and should they fall Father, carry them safely home. We ask Your guidance on those who have been appointed to lead the nations Father. Let their hearts and minds be opened to Your will. We ask Your peace and grace upon our enemies Father, and we ask that You show us how to demonstrate Your power and grace to them so that they might come to know and serve You. We ask Your healing for those who are sick Father. We know there are so many who are ill in mind, spirit and body. Pour out Your Spirit on them Father, guide the hands and minds of those who are helping them, and let Your grace be sufficient to their needs. We ask Your provision Father. Not just in material things, but Father provide us the skills, the workers and the hearts to build Your kingdom and demonstrate Your glory.

Father I ask Your blessings especially on the ministries in Venezuela and Peru. Give them Your strength and endurance Father.

Thank you Father for the promise that You are faithful to meet these needs. Thank you for the presence of Your Spirit to make us joyful and peaceful while we wait on Your perfect timing and Your perfect plan. In Jesus Name we pray…

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