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Doctrines that divide the fire of God.

On Doctrines Sermon

Ephesians 4, Hebrews 13

Please continue to be in prayer for all that is going on at Asbury University, the students who are there, those who are coming, the staff and volunteers, and all the rest of the pilgrims who are making the journey to see what God is up to. God’s outpouring of grace has garnered international attention, which is a joyous truth. But, it has also begun to bring pressure to bear on this small town and its people. Pray His protection, His wisdom, His discernment, and that He will continue to keep things peace-filled as He makes time for all those He has invited to come.

Asbury is implementing new schedules and arrangements to facilitate what has become an ongoing move of Holy Spirit. If you are looking for information, or want to help visit Asbury’s website.

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