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Silent Weeping

It’s been a weird couple days, and it’s strange the things that hit you. Sunday we hear of a church shooting. It touches me, of course, it does. Yet, no weeping. There are ongoing personal struggles and frustrations weighing on me, still, no tears. Then, out of the blue, I settle in to look at […]

Seeing God

The Gospel of the Unchurched

It’s the beginning of the New Year. Among most churches that means some reflection about intentions for the year ahead. Among Methodists, and I imagine other denominations that view themselves as having an evangelical nature, that means certain terms start flying around more than normal, reminding me once again how irritating buzz words are. Yesterday, […]


Revelations – Are You Ready?

One of the deepest struggles I have witnessed in my fellow Christians, and within myself over the years, is an unwillingness to accept the answers to our prayers. Prayer is a strange and funny thing. It is the means by which we speak to God, the means by which He speaks to us, and when […]


God Talk – A Child Shall Lead Them…

When I set about organizing myself to begin writing here instead of Facebook this weekend, I anticipated writing in the Revelations and God in the Public Square categories here. Those have been the areas of growing pressure to write, and silly as I sometimes am, I figured I would dive right into those without a […]


WWJD – Desolate Places

May 12, 2012 at 3:56am When this series was first came to mind, it occurred to me that perhaps some research was in order. After all, from my perspective, half the trouble we get into in this life is because we claim to follow Jesus without knowing much about Him. We know He died on […]


Praise and Prayer – 12/3

Father tonight we lift our thanks to You for all the men and women who choose to serve this nation You have granted us. We thank you for their selfless service, for their willingness to stand and their willingness to forgo the comfort of home and family. We thank you too for those families, the […]


God Talk 2 – Practical Faith

It has been a rough couple of weeks in the world. Natural disasters, manmade misery, and a creeping suffering and angst across the spectrum of those I know, both in and out of a walk with God. I look at that suffering, engage with it, and realize that I have not spoken of my personal […]


Praise and Prayer – 11/14/13

Lord, tonight we thank you for the trials, and the moments when we find we can only fall on our knees and cry out why. It is often difficult for us to see the hope in such moments, but Your words tells us to rejoice in them, and our lives demonstrate the fulfillment of Your […]


Praise and Prayer – 11/12/13

Daddy, thank you for the blessings of friends and family, for the freedom we enjoy in our nation, but more for the freedom that comes from faith in Your Son. It is easy to remember those moments before You brought us close where we were held down by fear, silenced by insecurity, bound by anger […]


Praise and Prayer – Veteran’s Day

Father, today we take a moment to remember all those who have answered the call to serve our nation in the armed services. We know the difficulty of a life in the military: the time away from loved ones, the hardship of being in a foreign land, the pain of losing friends as close as […]