Praise and Prayer – 11/12/13

Daddy, thank you for the blessings of friends and family, for the freedom we enjoy in our nation, but more for the freedom that comes from faith in Your Son. It is easy to remember those moments before You brought us close where we were held down by fear, silenced by insecurity, bound by anger and pain. Thank you for delivering us from that bondage Daddy, and assuring us of Your presence and power in whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Tonight, there are those who are aching from broken relationships, broken bodies, and broken spirits, fill them with the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Reach through their suffering and send them Your peace and healing. There are those who are far from home, keep them safely in Your hands in their travels, wherever those travels might take them. There are those who are suffering for the sake of Your Son, and Daddy, we rejoice in the opportunity for Your power to shine through, but we also ask Your strength and courage to fill their hearts and minds. Give them aid, Father.

Lord, we are faced with a world in flux, as it so often has been from the beginning. Crime, war, sickness, poverty and all kinds of evils seem to stalk the lands of the earth. Darkness is thick, and leadership is seemingly absent. Let those You have raised up in the nations be quickened to fulfill the plans You have for them. Let Your light shine into the hearts of those who strive toward evil or selfish ends, and let them be convicted of their need for Christ. Let Your might and Your miracles flow through the vessels of Your children, and let the world be washed clean. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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