Useful Eucalyptus – Clearing Congestion

One of my favorite winter oils

I first began exploring aromatherapy more than a decade ago. It didn`t start as anything exotic, or political, or religious. It started, as do many discoveries, with a simple necessity. I got a cold. In fact, I tended to get low-level congestion every year. It seemed to begin in the late fall and last all the way until spring. It was never enough to send me running to the doctor for medicine, but it would sometimes become debilitating enough to leave me with the choice between taking cold medicine or being laid out in bed for a couple of days. With a job and four kids, laying in bed for a couple of days was not an ideal option of course. But, I still had a problem, most cold medicines at the time has pseudoephedrine in them, and it made me feel miserably sick. I could handle ephedrine itself, and sometimes would go that route with the little packets you could get at the gas station, but there was a lot of information coming out on that drug that concerned me about its effects on my heart.

I finally remembered my big book of smelly stuff, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, and in desperation began to seek an alternative means of clearing my nose. I have discovered a number of amazing essential oils since that first exploration. I have also discovered some of the dos and don’ts when seeking oils to use for aromatherapy, the first being don’t buy them at the health food store (though this may not be as true now as it was then).  But, for this first article, I decided to share the first oil I discovered in my quest to beat congestion.

Eucalyptus is a fabulous oil, it has a crisp menthol scent that cleans congestion right out. It is often used in over the counter products for runny noses and chest congestion such as store versions of vapor rub. I found over the years it is also a terrific muscle relaxant for overstressed or sore muscles, and that nice crisp scent, helps reduce regular stress too. My favorite concoction is a couple drops of Eucalyptus, a couple drops of Peppermint and a couple drops of Rosemary in just over a teaspoon of grape seed oil as a carrier. It’s perfect for the common cold, and even better for the flu because it works on both the congestion and the muscles aches that so often come with the flu virus. For really nasty bugs, you can add a bit of Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) and a bit of Lavender to help fight the germs too.

If you’re already a fan of aromatherapy, I hope you enjoyed the story and perhaps got some ideas for your own mixes. If you’re new to the idea, and you’re looking for an alternative to over the counter medication or ways to help naturally boost your body’s ability to maintain itself, I hope you’ll consider subscribing to the blog and check out the oils I have to offer through Young Living. As I mentioned earlier, buying from the health food store can be a little iffy. If you’re looking to use oils for therapeutic purposes, like clearing congestion or easing muscles aches, it’s important to make sure the oils are pure and not cut with filler. I have enjoyed the great quality of Young Living oils since I became a distributor several years back. If you’re looking for some great product lines, I’m sure there are several out there, but so far this has been my favorite, and I hope you’ll consider us for your aromatherapy needs. You can find the rest of the details on Eucalyptus oil on my Young Living home page.

*Please note that the effects of essential oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These articles are not meant to replace medical care, they are simply a sharing of my own personal research, experience and the experiences of those I know with the use of aromatherapy

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