Prayer and Praise 11/9/2013

Father we thank you for being our God and making us Your children! We know you are sovereign over all the earth, yet some days we feel discouraged and hard pressed by all the trials, evils and human failings we see around us. We ask tonight, as most of us prepare to go to Your houses to worship tomorrow, that You fill us with the peace and comfort of the Spirit. Remind us that You are ever present in our lives, You are our provider, our protector and the lifter of our heads.

Lord, bless those who have been raised to positions of authority in our nation tonight. Fill them with the certain knowledge that You alone are God, open their hearts to do Your will, and deliver them from the evils of the temptations that surround them.

Bless the people of this nation. Fill us with the courage to persevere in this experiment in self-governance, but also remind us that if we are to govern ourselves effectively we must first submit to Your authority. Help us to turn to You for our hope and our needs and to rely on You to shine Your light into the confusion and darkness that seems to hang like a cloud over our people right now. We know it is in this kind of darkness Your light most clearly shines.

Open our hearts tonight Father, to do Your will faithfully, with the sword of Your truth and the Love of Your Son, in whose name we pray. Amen.


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